Experimental Research on Seismic Performance of High-Strength Concrete Short Column Reinforced with High-Strength Rebar

Shi YAN, Shuang-xi SUN, Xin CHEN, Yu-mo WU


The purpose of this paper is focusing on increasing the seismic capacity of high-strength concrete short column confined with high-strength steel. By the experimental method, eight short model columns, in which ultra-strength rebar with the yield strength of 1420 MPa are used as the longitudinal reinforcements and stirrups and the strength degree of concrete are C60 andC90, are tested under low cycle reciprocating load. The factors of shear span ratio, axial compression ratio, stirrup and strength of concrete which influence the seismic performance of the short column are researched. The failure mechanism of high-strength concrete short columns with high-strength steel has been clearly analyzed. The test results show that the shear span ratio, axial compression ratio and others factors have important influence on the seismic behavior of the concrete short columns. The suitable amount of high-strength steel can effectively improve the bearing capacity of short column, guaranteed the good energy dissipation during earthquakes, and develop the seismic performance of reinforced concrete short columns.


high-strength steel; high-strength concrete; short column; seismic performance; low cycle load

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