Study on well leak mechanism and Countermeasure of loess layer

Junqi Wang, Qifeng Li


More than half of area of the Ordos basin located in the Loess Plateau and the surface of the Loess Plateau in the Cenozoic erathem Quaternary system was covered by a layer of varying thickness loess. The reason of the leakage phenomenon of loess layer during the drilling process is that the loess layer is easily influenced by the topography, lithology, climate, vegetation, and drilling. Although many anti blocking and sealing measures have been adopted in the past drilling process, these measures not only solve the leakage phenomenon of loess layer effectively, but also make the leakage passage further expand, thus the leakage rate of the loess layer increases rapidly. Moreover, it not only make the potential safety hazard of downhole and ground, but also results in the increase of drilling workload and cost, prolongs the period, and the environmental pollution. A lot of fundamental research studies have been performed in the characteristics of loess layer and drilling site, a series of effective method to deal with the leakage of the loess layer is proposed, which solves the problem of the production and environmental protection caused by the loss of the loess layer effectively.


loess layer; leakage mechanism; leakage prevention; plugging

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