Numerical study for random wave-induced porous seabed response

X.L. Zhou, J. Zhang, J.J. Guo, F. Xu


Subject of random wave on offshore structures have received a great deal of attention by many researchers and engineers responsible for the design of marine structures. Most previous investigations have been limited to the regular waves. In this paper, based on Longuet-Higgins random wave theory and finite element method, a numerical model for random wave-induced seabed response is established. The seabed is treated as a poroelastic medium and characterized by Biot's partly dynamic equations (u-p model). The JONSWAP spectrum is adopted in Longuet-Higgins model. Based on the numerical results, the effects of random wave on seabed response are investigated by comparing with the corresponding Stokes wave and cnoidal wave.


random wave; seabed; dynamic response

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