Characteristics of bio-oil obtained from pyrolysis of corn stalk

Yue Liu, Renping Liu, Binbin Dong, Liangxia Zhao, Shanhui Wang


In this study, corn stalks are selected as the experimental raw material, and Van soest fiber assay is employed to determine the component of this raw material, what`s more, its proximate analysis was examined. Purged with nitrogen to ensure that the inert gas atmosphere, using a heating rate of 10 ℃ / min to a final temperature of 500 ℃, with a fixed bed reactor to pyrolysis oil, and pyrolysis oil ’s water, acidity, viscosity, heat value and other characteristics were determined. Then pyrolysis oil is separated by distillation, using GC-MS to analysis qualitative analysis of pyrolysis oil. The results show that under the experimental conditions the pyrolysis liquid yield is 40 percent, its water content was 70.34%, ph was 3.51, viscosity was 1.80cp, calorific value was 16393J / g. GC-MS analysis showed that the main pyrolysis oil contains large amounts of long-chain alkane, benzene derivatives, ester derivatives, phenol derivatives, cyclopentene derivative and furan derivatives.


biomass; bio-oil; pyrolysis; properties of bio-oil

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