The Calculation of Steel-Concrete Round Thin Plate (Plates)

Shevchenko Aleksandrovna


In this article, a basic formula was taken for calculating the circular steel-concrete thin plates in the elastic stage. A thin plate is a two-layer composite plate with specified physical and mechanical characteristics for each layer. In a review of the literature, it is only devoted to the description of existing solutions for buildings and structures, and which are just used in the external sheet reinforcement. Review of the collected material showed that the nature of the strain and exhaustion of the carrying capacity of bending in two directions of the round steel concrete plate is subjected to force, and these influences investigated are not enough. Therefore, a method of calculation of steel concrete round plates under the action of various loads (over the entire surface plates, load stamp, stamp along the contour of the load) was developed. Furthermore, it was executed according to the calculation of limit states, on the strength of the normal sections of the contact strength sheet steel with concrete as well.


steel concrete slabs; external reinforcement; limiting condition; deflections; stress-strain state;

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