Finite Element Analysis of Consolidation of Homogeneous Ground under Interval Drainage Boundary

He-bin FAN, Guo-xiong MEI


Based on the characteristics of the great displacement of foundation consolidation in the early state and small displacement during the late stage, this paper presents an interval drainage boundary condition. On the basis of Terzaghi’s one-dimensional consolidation theory, the simulation calculation of soil consolidation under the interval drainage boundary is realized by using ABAQUS finite element software. The effect of drainage spacing and the size of drainage outlet on the ground consolidation is analyzed, and then the influence of soil permeability coefficient and thickness of the soil on the consolidation of homogeneous foundation under interval drainage boundary is discussed. The research result shows that: compared to complete drainage boundary, the interval drainage boundary cannot meet the requirements of the water drainage in the early stage, but it can completely meet the requirements of the water drainage in the middle and later period of consolidation. At the same time, interval drainage boundaries about the overall of soil consolidation have little effect. The research results will provide a basis for reducing the laying of sand cushion on saturated clay drainage consolidation.


foundation treatment; interval drainage boundary; finite element analysis; consolidation efficiency; drainage outlet

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