Finite Element Analysis of Pavement Design Using ANSYS Finite Element Code

S. Melaku, Hongsheng Qiu


Dimensional finite-element programs have been employed in the past two decades for analyzing road pavement response. In recent years three dimensional finite-element (3DFE) analysis emerged as a powerful tool which is capable of capturing pavement response. Then the study of the effect vehicle load response on road pavement using ANSYS software was presented. ANSYS is a finite element method based on software. Analysis for deformation stresses-strain state have been done using both linear and non-linear material properties between top and bottom of pavement structures. Rectangular prism has been used as the geometry of the road pavement in different layer structures including surfaces, subsurface, capping and subgrade. The element type is solid 45 with six degrees of freedom. 7M pa concentrated load was applied as vehicle load in road pavement. The model was used to perform parametric studies involving effect of vehicle load on road pavement on different layer of structures. High compressive stress was observed on road pavement due to the vehicle load which is equivalent to 0.4 Mpa. The vertical deformation of the road pavement value due to the vehicle load obtained by ANSYS is 0.6 mm which is very high and deteriorates the road pavement


ANSYS; Stress, Strain; Finite element; Deformation

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