State-of-the-art of Fly ash engineering property II

Yu Zhou, Xiyu Wang, Junqi Liang


Crucial properties of Fly ash such as Classification criteria, Grain size distribution, Specific gravity, Compaction behavior, Permeability, Consolidation test, and Direct Shear Tests have already been discussed in the former publication. Features like Unconfined Compression, Self-hardening, Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial Compression Test, Drained triaxial tests, and CIU triaxial tests, will be presented in this paper. Researches reveal that the increasing rate of strength for class C fly ash is slower than that of Class F fly ash, and the transitional period between softening and hardening for high calcium fly ash is shorter. Moreover, the relationship between unconfined compressive strength and moisture content is similar to that of very fine sand. Many studies have shown that the amount of free lime content has a major effect on the self-hardening potential and pozzolonic reactivity. What’s more, the strength was affected less by moulding water content and more by dry density and the undrained shear strength decreases with an increase in water content for all fly ash samples. The consolidated undrained behaviour of fly ash are comparable with that of a saturated fine-grained soil.


Fly ash; Engineering property; Chemical content

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