Numerical Analysis on Protection Effects of Geotextile Mattress with Sloping Curtain (GMSC)

Shiyi GU, Liquan XIE, Wenrui Huang


Geotextile mattress with sloping curtain (GMSC) is a new measure to solve the problems of bank erosion. A 3D numerical model of GMSC was set up by the software FLOW-3D on an unmovable bed in this paper. After simulations, the protection effects under circumstances of different velocities were studied. The results show that the length of main recirculation zone without openings is much longer than that with openings. Protected zone lengths of GMSC with openings are almost consistent, while protected zone ranges are distinctly different from each other. It is mainly caused by different velocities which can push the protected zone downstream through openings of GMSC. The distribution of velocity decreases progressively from upper right of pipe to river bed and it is consistent front and back.


GMSC; bank erosion; 3D numerical model; recirculation zone; protected zone

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