Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process to Stability Assessment on Tunnel Engineering

Wenji Su, Xiaoli Chen, Xinyuan Cai, Anqi Li, Mengyuan Li


On the basis of the basic theory of analytic hierarchy process, this paper establishes hierarchic structure model and judgment matrix as well as analyses single hierarchical arrangement and total hierarchical arrangement. Moreover, these methods are supplied to the safety and stability assessment of Yonglong tunnel engineering. Via the analysis on 4 factors including structure of rock mass, geology structure, hydro-geology and project scale, the chief influencing factors of tunnel engineering are found successively as follows, geology structure, hydrogeology, project scale, structure of rock mass. These analyses have good parallelism and consistency with practical projects, and have certain directive meaning to construction work as well.


analytic hierarchy process; structural model; judgment matrix; tunnel engineering; stability

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