A General Analytical Model for Hydraulic Computation of Open Channels with Steady State Uniform Flow

Ioan Sarbu, Anton Iosif


In this paper, a mathematical generalised model is developed, which allows for definition in a unit manner an analytical solution of the complex problems of hydraulic computation for the steady state flow open channels. These problems include the design and operational examination for the channels with linear crosssection (trapezoidal, rectangular, and triangular), the channels with curved cross-section (semi-circular, parabolic, and semi-elliptic), as well as the channels with flat sides and a cylindrical bottom. The conditions on hydraulically optimal sections for these channel-types are determined by the authors. The proposed model is programmed easily on microcomputers. Therefore, two computer programs are performed in the FORTRAN programming language for PC-compatible systems, with a view to increase the accuracy and computational efficiency. The advantages to use the proposed programs are explained from two numerical applications for different constructive variants employed in practical engineering.


hydraulic structures;hydraulic computation;hydraulically optimal section;mathematical models

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