Assessment of the Impact of Heat-Conducting Inclusions to Reduced Heat Transfer Resistance of External Sandwich Walls Made of Lightweight Concrete with Glass-Like Aggregates

E.A. Korol, A.A. Davidyuk, A.A. Zolotarev


Study of the impact of heat-conducting inclusions to reduced heat transfer resistance of external sandwich walls made of lightweight concrete with glass-like aggregates has been carried out. This study has established practical thickness for external sandwich walls structures made of lightweight concrete blocks with glass-like aggregates having the density D600-D700 in view of using them without additional heat insulation. The study results have been demonstrated on the example of the Moscow region climatic conditions.


enclosing structures; external walls; facades; thermo-technical characteristics; heat transfer resistance; heat conductivity; heat-conducting inclusions; facade structures; concrete with glass-like aggregates

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