Numerical and Experimental Studies of Soil Scour Caused by Currents near Foundations of Gravity-Type Platforms

N. A. Gaydarov, Y. N. Zakharov, K. S. Ivanov, K. K. Semenov, V. V. Lebedev, I. S. Nudner, N. D. Belyaev, A. V. Mishina, L. G. Schemelinin


The mathematical model using is presented of cohesionless soil scour near foundations of marine gravity-type platforms from currents impact. In addition to this, numerical studies are also performed for different parameters of such impact. Furthermore, experimental investigations are executed in hydrowave basin with a platform model. In this work, scour areas and scour holes depths are obtained near the platform foundation, then comparison is performed of numerical and experimental studies.


soil scour; seabed; offshore platforms

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