Experimental Study on Seepage-induced Deformation of Light Silt Sandy Loam in Dongtai, Jiangsu Province

Gongxun Liu, Jiachun Yin, Guojun Hong, Feixin Wang, Qian Ma, Yehui Zhu


Seepage-induced deformation experiments were conducted on the light silt sandy loam at Dongtai, Jiangsu Province. The mechanism of seepage-induced deformation is studied based on the test results. It is ascertained that the type of seepage failure was soil flow according to the experiment results. Threshold and critical hydraulic gradient it and ic can be figured out from the i-log v curve. The ic value from the experiment is smaller than that from the Terzaghi formula. A modifier formula was proposed on the basis of analysis of the experimental results. The experiment results show a linear relationship between Dr and it, while the relationship between Dr and ic meets a quadratic equation.


light silt sandy loam; seepage-induced deformation; soil flow; threshold hydraulic gradient; critical hydraulic gradient; modifier formula

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