A New Rockburst Proneness Index Based on Energy Principle

Chun Mo, Hou-kun Tan, Guo-shao Su, Jian-qing Jiang


A new rockburst proneness index based on the uniaxial test is put forward in view of the low accuracy of proneness method forecast. It takes pre-peak energy dissipation, strain energy accumulating and post-energy dissipation into consideration and overcomes the disadvantages of two commonly used rockburst tendency index (the elastic energy index and the impact energy index). A series of uniaxial test with Granite rock have been taken for validating the proposed proneness index. The results of test presents that the proposed rockburst proneness index is feasible and more accurate than two traditional energy indexes.


Rockburst; Uniaxial test; Elastic energy; Dissipation energy; Granite

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