Submarine Pipeline Design in the South China Sea

Dang ZHAO, Ning HE, Run LIU, Bo WANG, Meng-meng LIU, Meng WANG, Hui-di HUANG


Submarine pipelines in South China Sea have been under consideration for more than a few years, but only few have been built. One reason for this is that petroleum prices have not increased as fast as had been expected, but another is that there have turned out to be several technical difficulties, among them high pressure and high temperature petroleum resource, deepwater and harsh environments, uneven seabed feature, and possible fishing activities. The harsh environment and geological conditions resistant to South China Sea petroleum development, and has a substantial influence on regulatory approvals. Forward environmental data and geotechnical data must be predicated on a complete and convincing resolution of technical questions. This paper examines each problem area, and sets out to reach a judgment on the question that have been resolved and how far the industry is easy to construct submarine pipelines in the South China Sea. 


HPHT; Internal wave; Routes selection; CRA Lined Pipeline

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