Experimental Investigation of Anchorage Length on Face Bending Behaviour of Blind Bolted Connections

Mohammed Mahmood, Walid Tizani, Ahmed Elamin


This paper presents the experimental results, observations and evaluation from an investigation looking into the effect of anchorage length on the column face bending behaviour of concrete filled hollow sections connected to other structural members using Extended HolloBolt. Pull-out tests were conducted for six full scale concrete filled hollow section samples. Apart from the bolt anchorage length, the samples had identical material and geometrical properties. Results show that, the anchorage length can improve the maximum strength of the connection significantly. The initial stiffness of the connection shows clear enhancement with the increase of the anchorage length up to certain limit and after which there was no improvement. It was also found that the yielding area covered the column face and the corners, contrary to standard understanding that the yielding area only extends to the centre line of the corners at the yield load.


Anchorage length; Extended Hollobolt; Column faces bending and concrete filled hollow sections

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