A quick method for the stability of jack-up platform towage

Yang Jiao, Shilun Feng, Hongying Liu


The stability of floating structures has long been one of the focuses of design. And more and more classification societies have issued the regulations documents for stability calculation. But these classic algorithms above are not concise. Especially when the angle of inclination is greater than 10 or 15 degrees, the calculation was tedious and not so accurate. This article introduces a quick and effective way by using the method of successive approximation. Its advantage is that we could reduce the calculation process. Guided by this thought, we can calculate the area of the transverse at large-angle first. And then we can get the value of stability subsequently. As comparison, a self-elevating platform is modeled by MAXSURF and then imported into the stability modules for further calculation. The result shows that the theoretical calculation result is coincided with the MAXSURF's and the method introduced by this article is feasible.


stability; jack-up platform; theoretic calculation

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