Simplified Calculation Method for Calculating Flexural Capacity of OATCFCST-SCBJ

Ming Zhao, Ming Li, Yuting Wen, Yong Liu


Concrete filled steel tubular (CFST) and Steel Castellated Beam (SCB) are ideal components in civil engineering. Therefore, it becomes one of the focuses for civil engineers on how to connect them together and what the force behavior of the connected joint is. But little study is done on it so far. In the previous study of our research group, the mechanical properties and the influencing factors of outer annular-stiffener type concrete filled steel tuber- steel castellated beam (OATCFCST-SCB) joint is analyzed by using a finite element simulation and the corresponding experimental validation, but the results can't be directly applied to engineering design. In this paper, the finite element simulation method is adopted, 21 OATSCB – CFST joints with different parameters are designed, and the stressed process of those connecting joints under reversed low cyclic loads are calculated. The bending moment - curvatures are extracted from the calculation results, and the flexural capacity and ultimate flexural capacity of every joint also is calculated from the bending moment - curvature skeleton curves. Simplified calculation equations for calculating flexural capacity and ultimate flexural capacity are regressed. And the validity of the simplified calculation equations is verified. The results showed that the simplified calculation formula calculation results accorded well with the finite element simulation results, the error is less than 5%, and it can be used as a reference for practical engineering calculation.


CFST; steel castellated beam; beam-column joint; flexural capacity

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