Transient Dynamic Analysis of Simple Railway Bridge under Train Moving Load

S. Melaku, Hongsheng Qiu


This study investigates the dynamic behavior of railway bridges crossed by travelling trains. A simplified formulation was adopted in order to perform a direct analysis of the effects of the parameters involved in the problem. The railway bridge is modelled as a beam, while the trains are modelled as travelling inertial distributed loads. On the basis of typical theory of moving load analysis between bridge and vehicles, finite element model of bridge is established by ANSYS software and solved by transient dynamic analysis. Through the numerical simulation analysis, dynamic response characteristics of the bridge body are acquired when the train passes through the bridge at different position with respect to time. The deformation of the railway bridge subjected to the train load is highly significant, thus it is clear that the dynamic response of the bridge under the moving load must be considered in the process of structural design.


Dynamic transient analysis; ANSYS; Dynamic behavior; Numerical simulation

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