Seismic Response Analysis on Single Cable Twin-Towers half-floating System Cable-stayed Bridge

Huijun Wu, Jing Zhao, Zhongchang Wang


More and more attention is paid for the aseismatic capability of cable-stayed bridge. Lanqi Songhua River Bridge in Jilin City is a concrete cable-stayed bridge with double towers and single cable plane, and the system of this bridge is peculiar. In order to master the aseismatic property, it is significant to analyze the earthquake response of this bridge. Analysis result shows that the longitudinal, transverse and vertical seismic waves may act at the same time because of the randomness of earthquake waves. So the seismic load combination should be carried out in the seismic design. The dynamic analysis results are different between using time-history analysis and response spectrum method. Because response spectrum method contains only linear information, does not contain nonlinear factors. The time-history analysis method can get satisfactory results because of considering nonlinear factors. So in order to get satisfactory results, we should use the timehistory
analysis method mainly, supplemented by response spectrum analysis.


cable-stayed bridge; seismic response; seismic response spectrum; time-history analysis

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