Seismic Collapsing Analysis of Two-Story Wooden House, Kyo-machiya, against Strong Earthquake Ground Motion

Tomiya Takatani


3-D non-linear collapsing process analysis of an old two-story wooden house, “Kyo-machiya” structure, was conducted against a strong earthquake ground motion with the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) seismic intensity of “6 upper” level, in order to investigate the seismic behaviour of Kyo-machoya structure built by a Japanese traditional framed-construction method. A non-linear behaviour of timber elements in the wooden house during a strong earthquake ground motion can be simulated by this collapsing analysis. As a result, seismic response of the wooden house depends on the seismic intensity of the input earthquake motion in the collapsing analysis. Also, there seems to be a possibility that the old two-story wooden house may be collapsed by a strong earthquake motion with the seismic intensity of “6 upper” level.


3-D non-linear collapsing analysis; Traditional framed-construction method; Earthquake ground motion

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