Bending behaviors of high strength steel reinforced concrete beam at high temperature in a fire

Yunchun XIA


In a fire, high temperature could produce very serious impact on steel reinforced concrete, the strain of beams would increased very much, and it also had the different influence on steel from heating concrete, particularly when temperature of concrete beam was over 600℃. The time produced ventral shear fracture was in advance after acted by high temperature, its initial strain along section height satisfied the linear distribution under a load. When the load was above 200kN, the strain of concrete at flange of compressive cross-section grew slowly, the late deformation increased, its residual load bearing capacity reduced to some extent after acted by high temperature. Particularly temperature of concrete was higher than 800℃, the residual load bearing capacity would drastically reduce, the destruction might be disastrous.


High temperature; steel reinforced concrete; beam; bending behavior

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