Precast concrete panels reinforcement analysis based on non-uniform bearing stress

Wei-dong Liu, Ying Gao


Due to the rough base or the inferior precision of precast slabs, the precast pavements exist empty beneath pavement slab at a certain degree before opening to traffic. This problem leads to the pavement deterioration at a faster rate. To improve and prolong the service life of the pavement, on the basis of nonuniform
bearing stress caused by empty beneath pavement panel, the precast concrete panel reinforcement is proposed. According to the hypothesis of uneven bearing stress model, a mechanical model of non-uniform bearing stress is presented, based on differential equation of elastic thin plate bending. It is concluded that the equations and positions of bending moment and shear force can be obtained. Moreover, the area of steel bar for precast concrete slab is calculated, and it is indicated that the reinforcement of precast concrete pavement can improve the service life significantly from the point of theory analysis.


precast concrete panel; non-uniform bearing stress; reinforcement.

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