Journal of Modeling and Optimization
ISSN 1759-7676


Volume 9, Number 1 (2017)

7 papers on 1 page(s)



Seismic Damage Prediction of Old Japanese-style Wooden House Using Predominant Period Distribution of Ground Surface Layer

Hayato Nishikawa, Tomiya Takatani

Full-text PDF: jmo.9.1.1.pdf



Numerical validation of a Boussinesq-type model for highly nonlinear and dispersive waves

Jiao Ying-xia

Full-text PDF: jmo.9.1.12.pdf



Modeling and Mathematical Performance Analysis of Xbee-based Smart Grid Monitoring Architectural System

Saud Altaf, Amritpal Kaur, Manoj Kumar

Full-text PDF: jmo.9.1.23.pdf



Agent-Based Modeling and Its Application for Electric Power System

An-li Shang,Chao-liang Zhang,Zheng Wang

Full-text PDF: jmo.9.1.30.pdf



Energy Efficient Control Strategy of Shunt Active Filter Based on New Formula for Apparent Power of Three-Phase Four-Wire System

M.Yu. Artemenko

Full-text PDF: jmo.9.1.36.pdf



Exponential Stabilization for Neutral Neural Networks with Time-varying Delays by Periodically Intermittent Control

Liangliang Guo, Yali Dong

Full-text PDF: jmo.9.1.43.pdf



A New Factorization of American fractional Lookback option in a mixed Jump-diffusion fractional Brownian motion Environment

Zhaqiang Yang

Full-text PDF: jmo.9.1.53.pdf


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