Journal of Modeling and Optimization
ISSN 1759-7676


Volume 8, Number 2 (2016)

6 papers on 1 page(s)



Ultra Short Term Wind Speed Combination Forecasting Based on Wind Tower Neural Network and Wavelet Analysis

Zhong Hong-yu, Gao Yang, Whang Xiu-ping, Qu Chun-yu, Xing Jing, Zhang Qian-ran, Cong Jing, Li Guang-shan

Full-text PDF: jmo.8.2.1.pdf



Application of the Forecasting Model Based on EEMD and ESN Considering Similar Days for Short-Term Power Load Forecasting

Yong Luo, Shasha Li

Full-text PDF: jmo.8.2.10.pdf



A Simplified Practical Model for a Walking Beam Type Reheat Furnace with Specific Heat Transfer Characteristics

Lingyan Hu

Full-text PDF: jmo.8.2.19.pdf



Research on the Combustion Gas Explosion Regularity in Oil storage Tank Factory

Pengcheng Wang, Zhongming Li

Full-text PDF: jmo.8.2.26.pdf



Research on Working Mechanism of Cushion in Composite Foundation with Rammed Soil-Cement Piles Under Flexible Foundation

Liu Jie, Tang Xiya, He Jie, Yang Qingguang

Full-text PDF: jmo.8.2.32.pdf



Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Direct Torque Control Considering the Effect of Salient Pole

Wenjie Chen, Yi Zhang, Haifeng Wei

Full-text PDF: jmo.8.2.41.pdf


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