Journal of Modeling and Optimization
ISSN 1759-7676


Volume 8, Number 1 (2016)

7 papers on 1 page(s)



Mathematical Modelling of a Full Scale Aircraft Immersed Within a Large Aviation-Fuel Fire in a Moving Fluid Medium

Wang Huiying, Wang Guoda

Full-text PDF: jmo.8.1.1.pdf



Stator Flux Linkage Set for Brushless DC Motor Direct Torque Control

Wei Haifeng,Wei Hanpei, Zhang Yi

Full-text PDF: jmo.8.1.20.pdf



Application of GR Neural Network in Ultra-Short Term Wind Speed Forecast

Zhong Hongyu, Gao Yang, Xu Aoran, Xia Zhanguo, Cong Junchao, Zhang Ming-ju

Full-text PDF: jmo.8.1.28.pdf



A Multi-attribute Group Decision Method Based on Cloud Model and Credibility

Li Cunbin, Sun Baojun, Xu Fangqiu

Full-text PDF: jmo.8.1.36.pdf



A Hybrid Transportation Model with Uncertain Random Parameters

Yuhong Sheng, Gang Shi, Chongguo Wang, Hamed Ahmadzade

Full-text PDF: jmo.8.1.43.pdf



Channel Selection and Applications of New Generational Satellite-based Microwave Humidity Sounder

HE Jieying, ZHANG Shengwei

Full-text PDF: jmo.8.1.53.pdf



Light Emission Mechanism of a New Class BDP Fluorescent Probe by Density Functional Theory

Zhou Hui-pin, Zhou Jun-jie, Xu Hai-yun, Li Guang-yin, Li Ya-hui

Full-text PDF: jmo.8.1.62.pdf


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