Journal of Modeling and Optimization
ISSN 1759-7676


Volume 7, Number 2 (2015)

10 papers on 1 page(s)



Target Recognition Based on Feature Extraction of Decryption

QingE Wu, Junjun Liu, Jun Zhang, Weidong Yang, Wenfang Cheng

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.2.1.pdf



Study of Swing Arm Falling off Subway Sliding Plug Door

Fang Xu, Hui Yi, Donglin Tian, Guoping Wang

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.2.9.pdf



Thermodynamic Analysis of Compressed Air Energy Storage under Various Ambient Temperature

Qing He, Hui Liu

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.2.14.pdf



A Redundant Traffic Load Routing Policy in Complex Network

Ling Xing, Qiang Ma, Li Wei

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.2.24.pdf



Circulating Current Inhibition Characteristic of the Parallel Inverters Using Close-loop Adjustment of Instantaneous Voltage Feedback

Kuanfang He , Yong Wang, Dongming Xiao

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.2.31.pdf



Study of Closure Technics for the Steel Trusses Cable-stayed Bridge with Single Cable

Derong Zeng, Yuqing Zeng

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.2.44.pdf



Design and Performance Analysis of Delay Tolerance Network Secure Routing in a Harsh Wild Scenario

Zhou Honghai, Jin Zhihao

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.2.49.pdf



Local Distance-preserving LLE and Back-preserving Neural Network Based Head Pose Estimation

Shuaibin Lian, Xinwu Chen, Peng Wang and Xiaoli Zhang

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.2.59.pdf



Optimization of Padeye Position for Deepwater Suction Anchor under Inclined loading

Zhu Shengqing

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.2.64.pdf



An Improved Adaptive Image Segmentation Method

Li Zhiyong, Zhang Aili, Li Sijia

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.2.70.pdf


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