Journal of Modeling and Optimization
ISSN 1759-7676


Volume 7, Number 1 (2015)

7 papers on 1 page(s)



Research on the Stability of Towed Jack-ups in Following Seas

Yang Jiao, Shilun Feng, Hongying Liu

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.1.1.pdf



Simplified Formulas for Calculating the Flexural Capacity and the Initial Stiffness of OATCFST-SCBJ

Li Ming, Zhao Ming, Wen Yuting, Liu Yong

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.1.7.pdf



Reinforcement Design for Precast Concrete Slabs Pavement

LIU Wei-dong, GAO Ying

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.1.14.pdf



An Improved HLLE Algorithm Robust to Neighborhood Selection and Non-uniformed Data Sampling

Shuaibin Lian, Xinwu Chen, Peng Wang and Xiaoli Zhang

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.1.23.pdf



Research on Incubation Performance of China Information Technology Business Incubators with DEA

Jiangping Wan, Guangwei Pan, Lianyu Liang

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.1.33.pdf



Research of Cooperative and Competitive in Heterogeneous Networks of Healthcare System

Xiaoshuang Liu, Guixia Kang, Ningbo Zhang

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.1.39.pdf



Slicing Algorithm of VRML Model in Rapid Prototyping

Sun Yu

Full-text PDF: jmo.7.1.45.pdf


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