Journal of Modeling and Optimization (JMO, ISSN 1759-7676)

        Volume 5, Number 2 (2013)
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Table of Contents
Numerical Method Research to Solve Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation 1
Peng Yamian , Liu Chunfeng
Research of the Improved Landweber Iteration Method and Its Application 7
Zhu Weiliang , Liu Baoxiang
Seismic Reliability Assessment of Thin-Wall Aqueduct 13
Xu Jian-guo, Wang Bo , Chen Huai
Neutral Point Voltage Control Based on time factor SVPWM for Three-level NPC Rectifier 21
Kang Jinsong, Kang Ting
Synchronization of fractional-order Liu chaotic systems 29
Lu Junjie
Study on the process control and treatment effect of SND via nitrite technology in SBBR 35
Rong Hongwei, Gao Guanhua, Zhang Chaosheng, Zhang Kefang
Design and optimization of flue gas carbon capture device in coal-fired power plant 47
Manyin Hu,Mengjie Shi,Jing Zhang, Xiuhong Wang
Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Flow in a Batch Rotor-stator Mixer 57
Xu Zhao, Ning Ji, Haiyan Zhao, Paul Wildgust, Richard V. Calabrese
Signal Timing with Bus Priority at Isolated Intersection via an Improved Ant Colony Algorithm 67
 Chen Fu-Yang, Jiang Feng, Wen Chang-Yun


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