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Title:  The Second International Conference on Civil Engineering, Energy and Environment
Editor(s):  Liquan Xie

   Society for Resources, Environment and Engineering

   Room A, 83 Cressingham Road, Reading, RG2 7RX, United Kingdom

Conference Title:  The Second International Conference on Civil Engineering, Energy and Environment (CEEE 2015)
Conference Dates:  30 - 31 December 2015
Conference City:  Hong Kong
ISBN:  978-1-908074-22-5 (Online)

   978-1-908074-21-8 (Print)

Publishing Year:   January, 2016
ISSN   Part of the series Advanced Engineering Research (AER, ISSN:2045-6719), Volume 6




Preface & Committee vii

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.vii.pdf


Civil Engineering
A General Analytical Model for Hydraulic Computation of Open Channels with Steady State Uniform Flow 1

Ioan Sarbu and Anton Iosif

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.001.pdf


Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process to Stability Assessment on Tunnel Engineering 11

Wenji Su, Xiaoli Chen, Xinyuan Cai, Anqi Li, and Mengyuan Li

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.011.pdf


Numerical Analysis on Protection Effects of Geotextile Mattress with Sloping Curtain (GMSC) 18

GU Shiyi, XIE Liquan,Huang Wenrui

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.018.pdf


Evaluation of Stress State of Tile Adhesive Based on the Developed Dry Construction Mixture 25

Valentina Ivanovna Loganina, Olga Victorovna Karpova, Maksim Vasilevich Ariskin, Kristina Vladimirovna Zhegera

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.025.pdf


Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Steel Frame Structure Locally Acted by Fire 29

Kui ZHANG, Yunchun XIA

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.029.pdf


Experimental Study on Axial Compressive Behavior of Concrete-Filled FRP Filament-winded Tubes 37

Sun Yunlou, Qi Yujun, Liu Weiqing

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.037.pdf


The Prestressed Cable-Aluminum Combined Grid Structure Under Earthquake 46

Minjie Sun , Chengwei Huang , Xinlei Song

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.046.pdf


State-of-the-art of Fly ash engineering propertyⅡ 51

Yu Zhou, Xiyu Wang, Junqi Liang

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.051.pdf


Finite Element Analysis of Pavement Design Using ANSYS Finite Element Code 64

Melaku, S., Hongsheng Qiu

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.064.pdf


Analysis on the Stability of Single Layer Spherical Lattice Shell 70

W. J. Su, X. Hai

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.070.pdf

Applied Mechanics
Finite Element Analysis of Consolidation of Homogeneous Ground under Interval Drainage Boundary 77

FAN He-bin, MEI Guo-xiong

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.077.pdf


Finite Element Analysis of Bond Slip Constitutive Model of FRP Reinforced Concrete 85

Wang Jiaxiang, Fan Cheng

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.085.pdf


The Calculation of Steel-Concrete Round Thin Plate (Plates) 89

Shevchenko Anna Aleksandrovna

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.089.pdf


Robust Geotechnical Design of Single Pile 106

Feng Zhang, Feng Zhou, Jian-yang Cheng

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.106.pdf

Application of Generalized Load Transfer Function in Clay 113

An Zhang, Kai Zhao, Zhengxin Dai, Guoxiong Mei

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.113.pdf


A New Improved Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Truss Structures 122

Zhang Zhuo-qun, Ren Zong-dong, Li Hong-nan, Li Ning

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.122.pdf


Energy and Environment
CO2 Optimization of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Columns in Buildings 128

Byung Kwan Oh, Jun Su Park, Hyo Seon Park

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.128.pdf


The Study about Removal of Arsenic and Lead by Chemical Precipitation and Adsorption 134

Hao Jiang, Jianming Liu, Juan Wang, Shu Zhang

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.134.pdf


Characteristics of bio-oil obtained from pyrolysis of corn stalk 139

Yue Liu ,Renping Liu,Binbin Dong,Liangxia Zhao, Shanhui Wang

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.139.pdf


Study on well leak mechanism and Countermeasure of loess layer 145

Junqi Wang , Qifeng Li

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.145.pdf


Research on the Characteristics of Rubber Concrete Based on NaOH Solution 149

LI Zongkun,Yang Chaoxia

Full-text PDF:ceee2015.149.pdf




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